22nd to 24th June, 2020

7th IICFIP Global Forensic Conference - Yaounde, Cameroon

THEME: "New Perspectives in Cyber Terrorism, Counter Insurgency, Financial Intelligence and Forensic Investigation"

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Global Chairman Message

I am delighted to reach out to members and potential members of International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals (IICFIP), an organization formed to work for the advancement of the forensic investigation professionals. As crime rates rise and as crimes tend to become more sophisticated, the challenges faced by a forensic investigation professional keeps changing, and he / she is expected to continuously innovate in order to meet the growing complexity of the forensic process. In addition, two other factors have significantly influenced the way contemporary forensic investigation processes take place – the increasing number of trans-border crimes and the burgeoning numbers of cyber-crimes. While the conventional forensic life cycle underwent a perceptible change with the advent of white collar crimes, a paradigm shift is taking place in the cyber-centric world of trans-border crimes. Apart from imparting knowledge and providing skill training, an independent examination system assesses professionals and certifies those who demonstrate sufficient knowledge and expertise in different facets of forensic investigation process. IICFIP lays emphasis on the ethical behaviour of its members. Every certificate holder and examinee subscribes to the Code of Ethics of the Institute, which is periodically revisited by the Ethics Committee. In this regard, IICFIP is involved in developing the knowledge and skills needed to support professionals while responding to the changing expectations of stakeholders. In this regard, I encourage all forensic investigation professionals and learners to be part of the 7th IICFIP Global Forensic Conference that will take place from the 22nd to 24th June, 2020 in Yaounde, Cameroon.

Prof. Dr. Rama Subramaniam


Under the Distinguished Patronage of the President of the Republic of Cameroon H.E Paul Biya.

Promoting The Excellence of Forensic Investigation Skills Globally.

Country Chairman Message

The choice of Cameroon to host the IICFIP 7th global conference is not a surprise. We nicknamed "Africa in miniature" because of its climatology, mining, geographical, human and cultural diversity. The official languages are English and French, these languages are spoken by 30% and 70% of the population respectively. Currency, Franc of the Financial Cooperation in Central Africa (FCFA). In 2017, Cameroon's population stood at 24,253,757 million inhabitants (Source: website of the National Institute of Statistics (INS). There are 240 ethnic groups in Cameroon. This diversity contributes to the cultural richness of the country. Cameroon is a secular state with multiple religious groups. Many populations also practise animism. The administrative divisions include 10 regions, 58 departments and 360 municipalities. The ambition to become an emerging economy by 2035 demands we adopt adequate skills, tool and competencies that brings out the best value for money. The government of Cameroon has enacted laws and regulations to fight this warm canker eating into the economic fabric and impeding the speedy growth of the economy. The government effort is further visible through the creation of multiple institutions for the fight, such as the supreme state control, the CONAC, ANIF, and so on, to name a few. This conference aligns with the public policy efforts in equipping the people with adequate skills, competences, requisite technics in further combating crime.

To discuss and share experience on the topic: New perspectives in cyber-terrorism, counterinsurgency, financial intelligence and forensic investigation, The IICFIP organizes it 7th Global Forensic Conference from 22 to 24 June 2020, at the Yaoundé (Cameroon) Conference Center, Under the Distinguished Patronage of the President of the Republic of Cameroon H.E Paul Biya.

In line with our mission to promote the excellence of forensic investigation skills globally by carrying out accreditation and other training in all countries across the globe evolving standards for forensic investigation processes and creating a process for validating new approaches to forensic investigation, we invite members of IICFIP and all interested professionals to the 7th Global Forensic Conference in Yaoundé (Cameroon). See conférence Schedule below and registration formalités.

Prof. Kelly M. Kingsley


Conference Schedule

VENUE: Yaounde International Conference Center (Palais des Congres Yaounde).

Speaker 1

Day 1 - Opening Ceremony

• Arrival and installation of participants and members of IICFIP • Arrival of various guests (administrations, private sector companies, civil society organizations, media, liberal professions, etc.) • Arrival of representatives of diplomatic missions and development partners • Arrival of members of the government and assimilated • Arrival of the President of the Republic’s Representative.• Welcome Speech of Prof Kelly M. Kingsley, representative of IICFIP

Prof Kelly M. Kingsley 10:00, 11:45 Conference Room
Speaker 2

DAY 1 Opening ceremony and workshops

• Speech of the President of the IPCSF Board of Directors - Professor Rama SUBRAMANIAM • Speech by the representative of the President of the Republic • Safety instructions • Family picture • Interviews with medias • Visit of the Exhibition stands • Break • Strategic methods of intelligence collection, Processing and use of emotional intelligence, in fact finding expedition • Dr. Col. Igwe Ibemere Mike, Nigeria. • Break.

Presentations 11:45, 12:45 Conference Room
Speaker 3

Speaker: Dr. Wele Elangwe, USA

• New inroads on forensic investigations in higher education: tackling fraud and corruption -lessons from the US Dr. Wele Elangwe, USA. • Break

Dr. Wele Elangwe 1:00, 2:45 Conference Room
Speaker 4

Helge Kvamme, Norway

The mechanism of foreign bribery implications and the growing threat of International money laundering.

Helge Kvamme 3:45, 4:00 Conference Room
Speaker 1

Medical & Substance Abuse Forensic Analysis

1. Dr. Lawrence Kofi Acheampong, Ghana 2. Dr. Fogang Pascal, Cameroon 3. Dr. Agie Elangwe, USA / Kenya.

Workshop 10:00, 4:00 Conference Room
Speaker 2

Kidnapping, Terrorism and insurgency

1. Dr. Sani Aliyu, Nigeria 2. Mr. Charles Mordi, Nigeria 3. Professor. Colonel Ekosso Francis, Cameroon.

Workshop 10:00, 4:00 Conference Room
Speaker 3

Forensic Auditing

1. Mr. Helge Kvamme, Norway 2. Dr. Ivar Fahsing, Norway 3. Charles (Chuck) Hester, USA.

Workshop 10:00, 4:00 Conference Room
Speaker 4

Cyber Terrorism and Digital Forensics

1. Prof. Dr. Rama Subramaniam, India / UAE 2. Mr. Yuwarn Ramachandren, Malaysia 3. Dr. Maj General Lord Buck Rogers, UK.

Workshop 10:00, 4:00 Conference Room
Speaker 1

Presentations By Dr Rama Subramaniam and Dr. Ivar Fahsing

1. Moving from Cyber Crimes to Cyber terrorism and warfare – the changing national security paradigm by Dr Rama Subramaniam. 2. From Interrogation to Investigative Interviewing by Dr. Ivar Fahsing.

Presentation 10:00, 1:00 Conference Room
Speaker 2

Growing threat of International Money laundering – Panel Discussion.

Moderator – Mr. Helge Kvamme, Norway, Panelist – 1: Mr. Ibrahim Mustafa Magu, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Executive Chairman, Nigeria Panelist – 2: Honorable Lutfo E Dlamini MP, Eswatini (Swaziland) Panelist – 3: Mr. Shuko Ndhlovu, HLB –Zambia Panelist – 4: Mrs. Laurentine Ngo Bikoi, CONAC - Cameroon.

Panel Discussion 10:00, 1:00 Conference Room
Speaker 3


The role of Creative Accounting in Financial Statement Fraud perpetration.

Mr. Juan Venegas Carlos, UK 10:00, 1:00 Conference Room
Speaker 4

Closing ceremony Installation

1. Arrival of IICFIP members 2. Arrival of embassies and development partners 3. Arrival of government members 4. Arrival of du Représentant du Président de la République 5. Interlude 6. Introduction of new members of IIPCIF 7. Installation des membres de la branche Cameroun de l’IIPCIF 8. Word of Cameroon Représentative 9. Closing speech of IICFIP Président 10. Closing speech of IICFIP of the Président of the Republic 11. AWARD 12. Final press realease 13. Familly Picture 14. Interview with medias 15. Cocktail.

New members of IIPCIF 2:00, 5:00 Conference Room

The Speakers

Meet our International Speakers and Contributors.

Prof. Dr. Rama Subramaniam

Designation – Global Chairman

IICFIP Global Board.

Akepe Linus Enobi, Ph.D.

IICFIP Africa Continental Director

Conference Host.

Dr. Col. Igwe Ibemere Mike

Commander Nigeria Army Intelligence Camp


Dr. Wele Elangwe PhD, CFIP

Lawyer, Compliance Expert

Legal Consultant, Law Lecturer, Director of Services, Humanitarian and Non-Profit Executive.

Mr. Helge Kvamme

Founder, MD & Owner

Kvamme Associates AS - Oslo, Norway.

Dr. Lawrence Kofi Acheampong

Medical Superintendent

Medical Superintendent & Oic -Clinic At Ghana Prisons Service.

Prof. Kelly Mua Kingsly

Chairman: FCFIP Africa-Cameroon.

Pr. Kelly M. Kingsly is a seasoned Financial Forensics Expert.

Dr. Agie Elangwe.

Medical Expert, USA, Kenya

Medical & Substance Abuse Forensic Analysis.

Dr. Sani Aliyu

Corps Commandant General of NESO, Nigeria

Kidnapping, Terrorism and insurgency.

Mr. Charles Mordi

Nigerian Economist

Kidnapping, Terrorism and insurgency.

Professor. Colonel Ekosso Francis

Risk, Disaster Management and Fire Engineering Expert

Kidnapping, Terrorism and insurgency.

Dr. Ivar Fahsing

Forensic Auditing, Norway

Forensic Auditing, Norway.

Charles (Chuck) Hester

Forensic Auditing, FCFIP, CPA, CFF, CFPA, CFE, CFS, CFIP – USA

IICFIP Global Board Secretary

Mr. Yuwarn Ramachandren.

Managing Partner – Arrow Forensic Services (AFS), Malaysia

Cyber Terrorism and Digital Forensics.

Dr. Maj General Lord Buck Rogers

Lt.General in International Police Commission, UK.

Cyber Terrorism and Digital Forensics.

Mr. Ibrahim Mustafa Magu

Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) Executive Chairman, Nigeria

Growing threat of International Money laundering – Panel Discussion.

Honorable Lutfo E Dlamini MP

Eswatini (Swaziland)

Growing threat of International Money laundering – Panel Discussion.

Shuko Ndhlovu, FCCA,CISA, CFIP

Partner at HLB Zambia, Patron IICFIP ZAMBIA

Growing threat of International Money laundering – Panel Discussion.

Mr. Juan Venegas Carlos

Forensic Accountant, Certified Anti-Corruption Manager, and Finance Trainer.

The role of Creative Accounting in Financial Statement Fraud perpetration.

Sosthenes Nyabuto Bichang'a, Ph.D


Contributor - Fellow Certified Professionals.

Prof. Richard Mayungbe, FCFIP

Forensic Accounting Professor and Practitioner

Global Contributor. Finance, Supply Chain and Operations Management Trainer with wide exposure across Africa.

Prof. Dr. Simon A. Akinteye

Dean, Charisma International Business School, York St. John School of Management Studies

Multidisciplinary professional with experience in Insurance, Healthcare, Hospital Management, Forensic Investigation and Audit.

Professor Ngotho Wa Kariuki

Tax expert and IICFIP Global Adviser

Global contributor.

Dr. Agnes Elangwe

Drug Safety Specialist at Nexgen Pharma

Contributor, Fruitland, Maryland - USA.


What our international experts have to say.


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